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Grain-oriented Electrical Steel (GO)


Toroidal Cores / Cut Cores

Toroidal Cores / Cut Cores

We specialise in manufacturing Toroidal/ Cut Cores made of CRGO materials for Low/ Medium/ High frequency Current Transformer, Potential Transformer and various types of Transformers, Reactors, Chokes and other Magnetic components of Electronic Equipments.

Dimension specification-
Minimum Width: 5mm
Minimum ID: 10mm
Maximum OD: 1100mm

Toroidal Cores Toroidal Cores of Round, Oval, Rectangular/Step-Core types are manufactured by us as per Customer designs. Cores can be chamfered, epoxy coated,varnished or even painted as per customer specifications & requirements.

Cut Cores: Cut Cores are ideally suited where weight or dimensional requirements are critical and have to be reduced. We manufacture the Core from Grain Oriented Silicon Steel Strips and are annealed in furnace under inert atmosphere. The impregnation is done in vaccum impregnating equipment; low stress and high-viscosity resin is been used. Fine polishing process of cutting surface ensures very good performance of the Cores, having Low Core Loss and high saturation. 100% testing provides our Customers with Quality assured products.
All types of Toroidal/Cut Cores are manufactured on special designed machines and processed for stress relieving annealing in control temperatures to reduce stresses formed during the manufacturing process.

We supply Cores as below-
- Toroids which are non-impregnated
- Toroids which are impregnated with varnish or epoxy resin coated
- Single Gap & Multi Cut Cores
- Insulated Wrapped Core Assemblies

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