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Grain-oriented Electrical Steel (GO)


Stacked Transformer Laminations

Stacked Transformer Laminations

We are involved into manufacturing of Transformer Laminations/ Cores for Distribution Transformers, Power Transformers & other various types of special purpose Transformer. The Laminations is manufactured from Cold Rolled Grain Oriented(CRGO) Electrical Steel in Conventional & HI-B/Domain-Refined grades as per Customer specifications & designs.

Range: 5 KVA- 25000 KVA

Cutting process: Cut-to-length line for processing Longitudinal/ Transversal Laminations from 20mm upto 440mm width as well as manual processed Laminations.

Types of Laminations: We can process Mitered Laminations in Standard Over-Lap design(Conventional) & Multi Step-Lap design( Horizontal/ Vertical & Hybrid) as per Customer specifications & designs upto 25000 KVA. With Multi Step-Lap jointing, since the number of gaps per sequence is increased, the local flux concentration( flux density) in the joint area, is reduced. Normally 5, 7 or 9 steps/ book is adequate.

We also Manufacture following products :
1) Traction Transformer Laminations
2) Inductive Voltage Transformers Laminations
3) Reactor Core Laminations

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